Supervised Visitation

We provide a safe and comfortable place for children to visit with their parents. Parents and children are offered a relaxed and fun environment to meet for required visitation. Our Center offers spacious rooms that reflect a home setting. We offer families a full kitchen, six play rooms with toys and activities appropriate for infants to teens. If community activity is approved, we have an adjoining park and local shops and restaurants within walking distance. We do not believe in two way mirrors but provide a respectful parent supervisor in the room at all times to assure safety and appropriate engagement and communication. View our Virtual Tour.

Both custodial & visiting parent must register separately. After both registrations are received we will contact you.


OFF-SITE SUPERVISION (if approved): $65 per hour


(When the parent needs additional support. GUIDED VISITATION is recommended to assure the child and parent achieve success in sessions.)

All visitation services require an initial one hour fee for orientation and preparatory services. Visitation hours must be paid 48 hours prior to the scheduled visit each session.


BOTH parties must SEPERATELY REGISTER FOR VISITATION . Complete the online form and include any mandates or requirements of the visit. Both custodial and visiting parties must complete the REGISTRATION and sign online to consent to the service. Once both parties have submitted their online forms, a Parent Supervisor will contact each to schedule the 1st session. After the session is scheduled payment must be made prior to the visit. Parent Supervisors do keep data collection record of interaction; however, the ONLY information released from the visit will be in the event of an inappropriate action/communication or significant emotional response from the child. If no incident report is provided, then the visit met standards for a safe and appropriate interaction. Quarterly Reports are offered upon request and at discharge. Our service is not to be considered an assessment or evaluation for custodial decisions, it is merely an opportunity for children and parents to meet in a safe and comfortable environment. (See Evaluations and Assessments for those services.)

Payment for visitation must be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to the visitation. It is the parent’s responsibility to determine how they will split payment, ABC will not bill for services. No Shows or Cancellations without 48 hours notice will result in a one hour charge. There are no refunds if a visit is ended early for any reason. Payment is for the contracted session time. Make a payment online.

No Contact Exchange

There will be no parent to parent contact in the building. Once registered, parents will be briefed on entrance/exit procedure, where separate doors are used. Any contact outside the building is not the responsibility of the parenting supervisor or ABC.

Court Testimony/Additional Information:

Our role is to provide a safe and comfortable place for parents and children to visit. We do not assess or evaluate in this program. For that reason we do not give testimony on behalf of either parent, we do not give recommendations on custody. We will produce one visit summary for every 90 days of service if requested. It will detail attendance, general engagement, and concerning behavior only if it meets our criteria for an incident report.

ANY ADDITIONAL requests for information beyond once a quarter will be provided at a charge of $50.  If subpoenaed to speak to general summaries, $50 per hour is charged for staff time to prepare and appear.