Evaluations & Assessments


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ABC provides Assessments and Evaluations for ADULTS only.  Offering for both clinical and parental evaluations.

Psychological Evaluation

Performed by a licensed psychologist, this evaluation is for clients over 18 years old. It will provide an assessment of the individual’s current mental health status including any clinical diagnosis and recommendations for further mental health treatment.  To register for an appointment, the client themselves must complete the registration form.

Fee for Service Cost: $900

Once you have completed this appointment request form, you will be contacted for an appointment.


Parenting Evaluations

FAST Evaluation: Known by the legal system as a Parental Fitness or competency evaluation, this is a forensic, multi faceted evaluation that couples both a psychological exam, identifying emotional or intellectual barriers a parent may exhibit, with additional objective measures to assess parental risk and skill levels.

This evaluation includes a psychological screening, Parent interview, up to two parent/child observations and collateral contacts with other service providers, or individuals connected to the parent in some way as to offer insight into historic behaviors.  The objective of this evaluation is to get a comprehensive forensic evaluation of a parents strengths and needs, typically used to determine the parental capabilities to assist in custodial matters.  THIS IS NOT A CUSTODY EVALUATION, whereby one parent is chosen over another, it merely offers information about a parents strengths and needs and recommendations to support parental improvement or reunification goals. 

Fee for Service ranges from $1800 to $2500 depending on number of parents and children involved. Once registration is approved, you will be contacted and quoted a price based on your need. Parenting Evaluation FAST FACTS .

Once you have completed this appointment request form, you will be contacted for an appointment.