Parent Education Classes

Individual & Group

ABC holds monthly group parenting classes in a small group format on Zoom, as well as One on One sessions for those wanting individual support for their needs. Classes are up to two hours in length and groups are kept to 12 or less to allow for group discussion and interactive learning. Individual parent sessions are offered in one or up to two hour session.

Class options: One on One | Positive Parenting | Co-Parenting | Dealing with Divorce |
Behavior Management

Individual Parent Education Sessions

One on One parenting support and education on topics unique to your child and your family. You will meet via ZOOM online platform with your Parenting Educator. Sessions are either one hour or up to 2 hours in length. You may pick from below topics or have your own topic or need discussed.

Group Parenting Classes

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Positive Parenting

This class is our most popular and beneficial to parents of children of all ages. It is designed to give you a general base of information that may be all you need to begin your journey of improved parenting,  often the base needed to benefit from additional topics offered. 

Positive Parenting offers a firm foundation in understanding the importance of structure and organization in a child’s environment. We define the appropriate developmental expectations for our children and age appropriate responses to behavior. Parents learn to establish positive habits and approach the child in terms of teaching skills rather than only responding to behavior. Behavior management techniques are offered that are non-aggressive, and promote learning self management. Parents explore the different types of parental role and how their family works within that framework, to they may choose which style of behavioral response best meets their child’s needs. Positive Parenting FAST FACTS

The cost is $50.


Positive Parenting is a pre-requisite for this class. 

This class will focus on the unique struggles a child encounters when parents are separated, divorced, or just struggling to work together as a team. The focus on this class is to examine the messages children receive and how to improve clarity and consistency in communication patterns and expectations. We discuss the “rules” of co-parenting and how to work with a difficult situation having the child’s best interest in mind. This class helps parents to understand the importance of working together even if there is not agreement on issues. We discuss contracting, negotiating and communicating with the other parent and not through the kids. To benefit from his class, participants must attend Positive Parenting offered above. Co-Parenting FAST FACTS

The cost is $50.

Dealing With Divorce

Coping with the end of a marriage is often harder on the child then the parents. Kids rarely understand the dynamics and see only the stress and anger. Changing schedules, new patterns of the day and introducing different caregivers and living situations require planning and support. Emotional need of children are often lost during a time parents are hurting as well. This class can help parents remember that while the marriage has ended, the responsibility to our children continues. It is not necessary for parents to come together, and recommended only if there is a civil relationship. Parents are given skills and strategies on dealing with the conflict between co-parents. Following this class the instructor may recommend a one on one session if more specific conflict management is needed.

The cost is $50.

Behavior Management Class

The objective of this class is

• To offer multiple stratgies based on different ages and personalities

• To have parents leave with tools that will effect change in their situation

• To define differences between making kids respons and teaching kids to respond

Behavior Management Class FAST FACTS

This one-time, two hour interactive virtual ZOOM class costs $50.